Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Envy

I've been visiting the blog of another failed California lawyer. I came across a link to it somewhere, a post in which she was asking for money to avoid being kicked out of her apartment. The first thing I noticed was that there were about thirty five comments on the post already. Many were from regular readers who talked about pushing the Pay Pal button this instant.

Wow, I thought, this ordinary looking blog has real legs. The writer sounded like a nice enough woman, but a little weepy.

There was a site mapping button, so I pressed it. The blog gets over eight hundred visitors a day!!!! What magic was at work here?

Today I did some back reading. There are regular postings of cat pictures and borrowed poetry, but there are also regular bits about matters of current political or social interest. Those later must be the money shots, mustn't they? In my experience, no one likes poetry posts. Could it be the cat pictures? Unlikely, but there's an awful lot of unmarried divorcees out there with cats. Eight hundred a day, what a puzzlement. The content of the topical articles seemed pretty uninspired. (I'm probably just jealous of the eight hundred hits a day.)

Whatever, I couldn't face making a real reportorial effort regarding substantive issues on an almost daily basis. So I guess I'll content myself with you faithful double-dozen and consider myself lucky.

What about them temples!!! Who loves you!!!


Anonymous said...

It's the cats.

Anonymous said...

If this lady needs money, maybe she should give up her ISP and sell the PC. (Of course she'll claim she's using a PC in a public Library. Yeah, right.)
It's quality, not quantity, Fred! What difference does it make in the big scheme of things if a blog gets 800 or 8 hits a day? Blogs do nothing but let the blogger vent his or her spleen to a tiny audience. They might as well stand on a box in a public park and yell, for all the good it does. I have not seen a significant improvement in the discourse in society since the advent of the blogosphere; in fact I've noticed just the opposite.

fred c said...

I really do think that I write this thing mostly for the effect that it has on me. I try to keep it all on the light side, reasonableness is the goal, delete the negativity, and that helps me to remain in that zone all day. But maybe I'll try some cat pix.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she has an agent? Some sort of cyber-blog-share-promotion deal she pays for or paid for in order to boost hits and become a viable moneymaking blogdouche? Why not just write a damn book? Your blog-envy does reveal your desire to be young and relevant. My opinion is is everyone is relevant. One cannot BE without BEING relevant, oxymoron? Pardox? Whatever, I'd hate to care . .. haha just kidding I'm dieing to!


fred c said...

Young and relevant? Young I don't worry about anymore, I had my crack at that, like everyone else. Relevant I'm not sure of. I do have some ideas about the whole thing, it'll be posted soon.