Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Lawyer's Apology

America, please accept my humble apology for the behavior of the lawyers who are currently prosecuting foreclosure cases while knowing full well that the banks lack the paperwork to properly back up their claims.

It takes a lot of nerve to go to court and argue to a judge that what you have is really the equivalent of what the law says that you need, arguing that the judge should find that you've met your burden of proof, even though you haven't, and who needs that smelly old original note anyway? I'd hate to try it, and if I were the judge, I pity the fool who would try it with me.

I apologize as a lawyer in good standing (California). Someone else will need to come forward to apologize for the judges.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the "T-bag" guy on Colbert saying he's happy things are going the way they are since it's now possible for him to purchase a home. Colbert bites back, "Yeah! Fuck'em!", it's fantastic. Of course you may be too close to Communist China to get websites like or but maybe not? Good.

Rancher Oh

fred c said...

Go, Colbert! Yes, I get the Comedy Central sites, thankfully.

nanute said...

Check the latest John Stuart parody of Glenn Beck.
It looks like the lawyers, with the help of some less than honorable justices are getting away with fraud in Florida. "Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio....
Apology accepted where none is required, Fred.