Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American Music Awards

I saw part of the American Music Awards show last night, although there was no profit in it. Based on what I saw, my question is: why was Miley Cirus on my television?

Is this some kind of wonderful, Twenty-First-Century joke to which I am not privy? Or was there some kind of wonderful, Twenty-First-Century talent at work that I do not have the tools to understand? I was genuinely relieved to realize that all I had to do to make it stop was turn off the TV, and I silently thanked God that making it stop was so simple. It was pure, unalloyed torture.

I know that she isn't the worst thing masquerading as music these days, I probably don't even hear the worst of it. I live on the dark side of the moon, so to speak, so I miss a lot. Luckily, in many cases. But music is such a great gift, it is a terrible sin to abuse it so.

And people complain about little things like TSA groping! People, please, there are forces of true evil at work here.

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