Monday, October 4, 2010

Junior Brown - Sugar Foot Rag

Hendrix with a hat! And no, I ain't drunk, posting all this music. I'm just having some fun, and can't keep from sharing! It's all about the love, my faithful double-dozen.

I love Junior Brown. It might be the "Sugar Foot Rag," but he can't help dropping in lots of Jimi Hendrix quotes. He can't help it! He'd stop if he could! It's the fun thing, some of these guys are just having so much fun that they can't help themselves. Jeff Beck was, maybe still is, like that. Back when, he'd go into a solo and go so far off the material that the band would get lost and just stop, he'd be playing the Theme From Deliverance or something. I love the fun thing.


Anonymous said...

Hoax! I like how the guitar is on a stand, screams Stiff white man :)

fred c said...

Hey! It's a git-steel! It must weigh a ton! And besides, if he can play like that, I don't care if he wants it suspended from the ceiling.