Friday, October 29, 2010

God Hates Dr. Phil!

Watch for the signs. The “God Hates Fags” crowd will certainly turn against Dr. Phil after his recent appearance on “Anderson Cooper's 360.” The topic was the recent spate of young homosexuals committing suicide after various mockings and bullyings.

I do not generally associate Dr. Phil with the voice of reason, but on this occasion he was wonderfully clear, and unequivocal, and, well, downright courageous. Homosexuality is absolutely not a choice! The days when someone could make that assertion without being proven a fool are long gone. Home must always be a “soft spot to land,” and parents must love their children unconditionally, and upon discovering that a child is homosexual, a parent must make this unconditional love clear to them. If fate assigns to a child a homosexual identity, it is the duty of a parent to accept it with humility, as it is with other fates. Christianity that condemns homosexuality is not very Christian at all. Thus spake Dr. Phil.

I have long considered Dr. Phil to be a glad-handing faker of the Self-Improvement school of pop-psychology. I have little patience for this kind of glib time-wasting myself. So I found it very interesting to see Dr. Phil taking such a firm stand on the correct side of this issue, interesting and admirable. He chose not to play it safe and speak to his base.

It is possible that he felt safe because most of the Bible-thumpers never watch CNN. He has, however, risen in my eyes, and was never expected to do so.

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