Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Honda Dash In Bangkok

Mine was red, but this one is just like it. I've probably seen them before without knowing it, they look a lot like the later, four-stroke model Honda Nova (technically, the Dash is a "Nova Dash.")

It's a 100 cc, water-cooled two-stroke, with a six speed close-ratio gearbox.

Notice the nice, after-market rear-set pegs with the extended shifter pedal. The narrow gauge tires are a hipster add-on in Thailand, they lower the whole thing. Believe me when I tell you, this little bike, which you could pick up and throw into the back of your car with little trouble, is fast, fast, fast. Up to about sixty MPH, that is, but till then you're keeping up with almost anything.


Anonymous said...

Cool bike. I just can't wrap my cool around the banana seat. Put some ape hangers on it and you get yourself a nice little girls special.


Unknown said...

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