Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Or Less A Restaurant Review

I have a visitor from the 'States, and we went back to our Peace Corps site to say hello. This is us with two of our co-teachers and the husband of the woman on the left.

Nice little restaurant, by the way. A "steak" restaurant. Phrae, our site, is way off the beaten path, but this is a pretty cosmopolitan restaurant. Boy do they get French Fries, as in "to understand." The owner is a chef in America, currently working at a big hotel in Los Angeles; I met him a couple of years ago when he was on vacation from a job in Florida. He "Executive Chef's" this place too, and his wife follows his directions very carefully. Everything is delicious. And because of the small town setting, it's cheap too.


Anonymous said...

Sixty-two? That's how much it costs to go to the movies now! Happy Birthday Dad-o-mine.


Vince said...

Great picture of everyone and your visitor.

Anonymous said...

so ann is an american vistor now? strange way to describe your (ex?) wife.

fred c said...

Merely an editorial decision.