Thursday, August 19, 2010

Main Street Phrae Thailand

From the bus, leaving town after our recent visit to our old Peace Corps site. This is a nice little provincial capitol in an agricultural valley in the mountains of northern Thailand. No local buses; no metered taxis; no Tuk-Tuks; only a few motorcycle taxis; this small city gets by with those "song taow" ("two-rows") pick-up truck conveyances and lots of bicycle taxis. It's the opposite of New York: the people speak slowly, they walk slowly, and they rarely bolt their food. It's very nice, actually.


Anonymous said...

Looks exactly like the view today from the Q65 bus going down Main Street Flushing.

fred c said...

Be careful! I think Chinese people would be highly offended if you told them they looked Thai.

But I know what you mean.