Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elvis Presley Blue Moon

I was a big fan of the "Blond Elvis." Check it out, the guy was a blond, all of the grease made it look dark, but in these old photos it's clear. After the army, the Colonel got the idea to dye his hair black because he thought it looked better in pictures.

I came on board after the Sun Records period, all of the records that I had, have still actually, were RCA. Elvis was only twenty-one in 1956; I turned eight that Summer myself.

After the army, Elvis was all about the money. Money too often cures talent. But in there amongst all of the unmitigated crappola, Elvis had his Golden Era big time.

Interestingly, for me anyway, he died on my birthday. He shares that distinction with Babe Ruth and Robert Johnson (maybe in those cases I should say that I was born on the same day, in the Babe's case it was the very same day).


Anonymous said...

Was born just 2 year after you, but it's a vast cultural divide--I never dug Elvis (except the DA haircut) and latched onto the 4 Seasons before moving on to the great British invasion, like millions of my 1950 cohorts. Elvis was always of an older generation to me.


fred c said...

Those "generations" could happen pretty quick. Plus, there were the accidents of exposure, style, peer-pressure, and all the rest. Before the 'Brits I was way into Surf Music, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

This song has such a strange vibe. He died the year I was born. I know because I got a birthday card one year with year facts. The music industry is still a huge dilapidated whore fest. Sun still shines.