Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Continuing Trespass In Thailand

No, I don't mean my continued presence here. One of my law school favorites was the "continuing trespass." The example in our case book was some construction company that had put up a temporary fence and then left the posts in the ground when they left the site. The posts were standing in a field, which was then covered in snow, which was then run over for fun by snowmobilers, who soon ran into the hidden posts. Law suits resulted.

Thailand has embraced the continuing trespass with a passion usually reserved for religious expression or the Beatles. This little jem is at a nice, upscale resort in Pak Chong, province of Korat, aka Nakorn Rachisima. Note the careful placement of the obstruction, in the shade of a large bush, hard to spot, even for somebody who is not reading while walking.

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