Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coincidence Of The Year, Or Any Year

I missed most of the recent World Cup action. My local coverage was a naked video feed, with no voice over at all, and no screen graphics, no time record, no score, no nothing. Nothing but those God damned booboozellas. So it was tough to watch, unless maybe you were totally committed and stared at the screen for the whole two hours. What can you do? Maybe next time.

I did hear all about Paul though, Paul the cephalopod genius, the most successful eight-legged fortune teller of all time, the Jimmie-the-Greek of octopi. Paul was given eight chances to pick the winner of upcoming games, and he picked the winner eight out of eight times, a perfect score.

As my friends and constant readers know, I am fascinated with the tension between coincidence and cause-and-effect. Boy, you get close enough to this eternal conflict and it can really make your head spin! Like when a stupid creature with zero knowledge of soccer, or even of humanity for that matter, picks eight winners in a row. Could it be coincidence? Well, could it be anything else?

But what a magnificent coincidence. The coincidence of the year!


Anonymous said...

Each game had 50-50 odds, like a coin toss, heads or tails. What the creature did was the same as tossing 8 "heads" in a row...or since it was an octopus, maybe i should have said 8 arms in a row. The odds of that happening are astronomical.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a 'beautiful-mind-o-pus' is what I thinks.

fred c said...

I remember reading that octopi were smarter than something, fish probably, but then again, how smart are fish?