Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chulalongkorn Graduate with Salute to Graduates

These grads might have received doctorates, their blue gowns were very, very rare. Almost everyone had white gowns, like my friend's son, at the beginning of the vid.

I was happy to catch this salute, because it highlights a great feature of Thai life. I'm sure that they do this kind of thing in Japan too, but over there it would be much more formal and tightly orchestrated. In Thailand, everything has a delightful casualness to it.

Chula is a great school, by the way, totally big time. It's one of the three top universities here, the other two being Tamasat and Kaesetsart. Of the rest, some are good in specialty areas, like mine (Ramkamhaeng)for law. More than half of the prosecutors and judges in Thailand are our graduates.

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