Sunday, June 6, 2010

[EXCLUSIVE VANDALIZED] SMRT C151 047-048 Graffiti Drawing - Departing Ke...

Now this is truly shocking.

Singapore, by the way, recently liberalized their long standing total ban of all chewing gum, all the time. You can do things like that in a police state. They recently broke down and legalized Nicorette chewing gum, and Nicorette only, and only with a doctor's prescription. That's the way it goes in Singapore: anywhere you go, anywhere you look, there's a policeman there, and you're probably breaking the law.

Not to mention the Gurkhas! Those Nepalese soldiers that achieved fame and fortune in the British army, and now serve with pride in Singapore. They're quite a sight, with their machine-pistols, those campaign hats that fold up on the right side, and their Kukris (huge beheading knives). I was sleeping on a bench in the Singapore airport one time, about three a.m., and somebody rocked me awake. There stood an airport policeman and a Gurkha, complete with all of the above mentioned regalia. It was fine, I could sleep there, they just wanted to check to see if I was alright. This is one of the reasons that I always wear a jacket and tie when I travel by air, you never know when being "respectable" will come in handy.

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