Monday, May 10, 2010

New Hotel Surin

This is a room in the "New Hotel" in Surin, Thailand.

The air-con was way on the old side, it only knocked the temp down a little bit, the room was still a sweat box. Notice the two showers on the wall in the bathroom; one attached to a heater, and the other au-natural, cool from a tank on the roof. It's so hot in Surin that the cool was lots better. The faucet on the sink was of the two hands variety: hold the spout while you twist or the whole thing just spins around.

Notice the huge, hard pillows, almost a foot high, real neck breakers . . . the bed was only ok, but at least it was all clean.

Lots of channels on the TV, almost all Thai, but with Deutsche Welle auf Deutsch; Le Monde in French; Al Jezeera; Australian TV for news and sports; Eurosport; a weird Indian channel that had Hindi speaking stand up comedians every time I looked; and Channel News Asia, from Singapore. It could have been worse.


Anonymous said...

I've seen better-appointed jail cells!
Tiled walls? What, do they hose the room down after each guest leaves?

fred c said...

I stayed at a place in Mae Hong Son where I actually watched them drag the fire hose from the hall into the room to clean the bathroom.