Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Do You Say Lazy In German?

"Faul," for your information. I remember that, because I am, at least a little.

I failed to mention that I have a new German buddy here in Condo Ex-Pat. We White ex-pats are actually pretty rare in my Condo Wonderland. Most of the residents are Thai, and the remainder are mostly Asian or Middle-Eastern. How does one count the Russians? Many of them are Asians, technically.

But this German, he's interesting. Sixty-seven years old, he was a German soldier for forty years, still a good recommendation, in spite of all that trouble years ago. Before I was born! Another world.

Nice guy. He must have lots of experience talking to foreigners, he looks me right in the eyes and speaks German slowly and clearly, which is doubly amazing, because he's from Bavaria, and even the rest of the Germans can't understand those people. It must have been the forty years in the army.

So now I have these three languages running rampant in my head, it's bloody confusing, I must say.

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