Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forbidden Blog Posts

I just spent a half hour writing a post about a forbidden subject, an area of inquiry so dangerous that it could kill you, or break your back financially and ruin your family, or at least cause you untold emotional suffering.

I was ruminating on the subject of coming down with major diseases in old age. As I neared the end of the piece, I realized that anything that I may have mentioned casually, as the sheerest idle speculation, in the writing, could be used someday as proof of a “pre-existing condition,” and used as a pretext by an insurer denying coverage. As in, “he knew he had fucking Huntington’s Chorea, and he didn’t tell us!” Maybe even, “he knew he’d be hit by a bus!” (As though I were Deepak Chopra or something.) Coverage denied!!!

I’m afraid to even leave it on my computer. Can you guarantee that the research methodology of the insurance companies does not include checking my hard drive? I didn’t think so. Those greedy, arrogant little shits at the “rescission desks” mean business. Nothing personal, guys! You know I love you. Poetic license only.

For the record, I get comprehensive checkups every year and I am not now aware that I suffer from any condition at all except the dreaded not being eighteen anymore.

(So, if they refuse coverage based on some technicality, they return all of the premiums that they accepted in the meantime, right?)

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