Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Test Video: Mall Bangkapi Fish Pond

Just feeling my way into this posting videos thing.


Anonymous said...

It works. Just keep the clips under a minute long to sustain interest.

Anonymous said...

Now for some violent protests! There's a great video out there in the world dot com of a white kid in a middle eastern country [Iraq possibly] who is obviously paying to be able to use a hand grenade. His 'instructor' is by his side when the kid pulls the pin and gently tosses the thing like three feet away into a shallow pool of tepid water. Reacting with the threat of dismemberment, the 'guide' grabs the kid and pulls him into a dashing run before the thing shoots water into the sky! I gotta find that one again right now!


Anonymous said...

You could have killed all those fish!

Anonymous said... of 5-6, your videos have disappeared! Local censorship?