Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Review: Why Is God Laughing? By Deepak Chopra

I don’t even have to read this one. Frankly, my mind is already polluted enough by bullshit, I don’t need to read every bullshit book that comes along, even in the service of bloggery.

But I know God, I stand at the right hand of God, and in fact, in some matters, I speak for God. And I know all I need to know about Deepak Chopra too.

One time, Deepak Chopra was taking a taxi from JFK airport to Manhattan. As they left the terminal, the taxi driver asked Mr. Chopra to put on his seat belt. “Don’t worry,” said the self-appointed great man, “I have seen the manner of my death, and I do not die in a taxi accident.”

“So,” said the driver, “have you also seen whether or not I will get a $250 ticket because you don’t have your belt on?”

And so, regarding the subject of this review, I can tell you now, with a certitude approaching totality, that God is laughing at Deepak Chopra.


Anonymous said...

Book idea: "Everything I know I learned driving a taxi in New York City" could be a hit, or, "Mr. Fred's indignation rears its ugly head YET AGAIN!" another timeless classic. [You're such a white Nword sometimes.]
I see your nephew is in peril and obviously it's affecting you, so you get a pass! FUCK DEPAK CHAKRA! Burn his book for catharsis of any feelings related to any subject. Read half, burn the other half! Use it as toilet paper! Roll a doobie! Chop it up and use it in soup.

Sorry to hear about your nephew. Hopefully, god-willing, he'll be fine.

fred c said...

Indignation is my life! Righteous, I hope. Thanks for the kind words about my nephew.