Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Zero Decade

It’s a mystery to me. A decade of zero job growth; the ongoing destruction of the middle class; two, count ‘em, two wildly expensive, completely unnecessary wars for crude and pipeline rights; grotesque budgetary deficits; the politics of NO, unless it’s corporations that are asking; our Constitutional rights thrown away willy nilly; weird, hypocritical, pseudo-religious aberrations; Family Values pitched by public bathroom toe-tappers; income disparity in America equal to China, and growing. And yet, people still take the Republican party seriously and talk about their possible resurgence in congress next year.

How can one political party do so much damage, and so little good, for so long, and still have any hope of success in electoral politics? It’s the power of propaganda, and let’s please recall, although the Nazis had really hip propaganda, and the coolest uniforms by far, all they really accomplished for their constituents was the destruction of almost every man made structure in Germany and the deaths of nine and a half million of their own citizens. The Nazis were elected too, and it was a big mistake. Are we going to repeat it?

It’s a free country. You can vote for them if you wish. If black is your color, and zero is your number, go ahead, vote for them. Let them finish their work. It’s your funeral.

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