Monday, January 18, 2010

Late Night Wars

Months ago I thought of a post about Conan O’Brian’s Tonight show gig, but I never wrote it up. It’s all much more interesting these days though.

I loved the old late, late Conan show, and I watched it every chance I got, usually if it were rebroadcast on Comedy Central. That was one funny-ass show. When Conan took over the Tonight Show, I thought that he really toned down, and I wondered if it were because: 1) he was trying to fit into the traditional “middle-of-the-road” tone of the tonight show; or 2) NBC was telling him to become more like Johnny and Jay, more safe, more mainstream. The later was more my guess.

Either way, since all of this late night shuffle has been going on, Conan has been strangely unshackled, suddenly funnier, more himself. Too bad it’s not meant to last.

I don’t feel sorry for any of them, they’ll all be fine. That’s as long as Letterman doesn’t laugh himself to death about the whole thing. It’s too bad, though, that we never had a chance to have a real Conan O’Brian Show at 11:30 every night. That would’ve been a good show.


Mouse said...

I only say Conan last year when I was visiting Seattle. Being from Glasgow myself I hadn't ever seen him on TV in Scotland and hadn't heard of him outside of US publications.

Having seen him now as a fully fledged comic presenter now who is allowed to run off at his own pace I was beside myself with laughter. He's awfully good and really relates to the audience.

When I get the chance now I catch him on YouTube (His Kirsty Alley gibes are great) and hope he makes it onto the international scene soon like Jon Stewart - for all the world to see.

Cheers for bringing him up today, as I was just searching for something to read on him!

fred c said...

Wow, international recognition for the old Spinner!