Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Is A Wald?

This car was spotted in the parking lot of my hotel in Udorn. What, pray tell, is a Wald? Some kind of hot-rodded Mazda, or Datsun, or something? I don't recognize it.

Nice car, though.


Anonymous said...

That's a lexus [thinks I] and that's a 'Wald' body kit.

Here brush up on your Spanish!

fred c said...

Waiting for impetus from y'all, I just checked Google for "Wald." It looks like all body kits and wheels, what we used to call "no-go-show-boats." Unless, of course, the car had plenty of go already.

This particular car had some kind of "tuned by" decals on it too, but even if I had photographed them in the first place, there's only so much stuff I can clog up the blog with.