Monday, December 14, 2009

Thai People Love L. A. Too

Notice the plate on this lovely vehicle. Thai's love L.A. too, as anyone who actually lives in L.A. knows. They love it so much, the Thai's that live there, that they call it, "Jangwat jet-sip jet," "Province number 77." (Thailand proper has 76 provinces.)

This is the delivery vehicle for a chain of restaurants featuring Vietnamese food; I caught it making a delivery at the Udorn Thani airport. Udorn is a very cosmopolitan place, with a certain amount of irony involved. There are a lot of Lao people, lots of Chinese people, and many Vietnamese as well, Udorn is up in that corner of Thailand that is handy to all of those places, and the irony part is that the big U.S. airbase from the Vietnam War era was near Udorn too, so it was and has always been something of a magnet for Americans married to Thai women too.

For one thing, I can tell you that the local Vietnamese food is fabulous. My high-public-official driver took me to a little Vietnamese breakfast place and we had everything that he thought was good on the menu, and it was all delicious. Then, for lunch, he arranged for a meal at a place that served the stuff pictured on this vehicle. All very good, and lots of fun.

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