Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thai Food Surprise: Essence Of Chicken

When I was fasting for my lower GI last month, a friend got me a few bottles of “Essence of Chicken.” I’m not sure they sell this product anywhere else in the world, I don’t do research. The idea is, a chicken, in a really small bottle. “Drink it!” she enthused, “you will not be hungry!”

The ingredients are:

Essence of chicken: 92.60%
Cordyceps: 5.80%
Liquorice: 1.60%

No preservatives

Which begs the question: what exactly is “essence of chicken?”

The bottles are forty-two milliliters, and the stuff is really, really vile. The taste is indescribable, vaguely chicken like but medicinal and horrible, no effort was made to make this stuff palatable.

It’s true, though, that after you drink one, you don’t feel like eating anymore.


Anonymous said...

i can not read this. it is in hindu.


fred c said...

All I can think of is: set your Blogspot to default Thai alphabet and maybe that'll translate the Hindi to English. It works for me.

I don't know about you, but I think the Hindi is so pretty that I'm considering going with it.