Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Little Neighbor

I’ve been here at my Farang style, “luxury” condo for a year and a half now, and all the while, off and on, I’ve seen my little neighbor swimming in the pool. She’s kind of pretty, and pretty interesting too.

She must be all of four feet, eight inches tall, with a nice, if unspectacular little figure, not beautiful by any means, but she has long, healthy hair and a nice, friendly face. She looks smart, and smart is always attractive. She has that high-yellow, coppery skin that Farang like.

The interesting thing is that I have seen her with three different boyfriends by now, three and counting you’d have to figure, and each of them has been Farang, blond, and well over six feet tall. She barely comes up to their ribcages, the new guy must be over six feet six, and I’m serious, not just a trick of perspective. I estimate from the height of the pool lights, and he’s two feet taller than her if he’s an inch.

The first guy was a friendly young American; the second guy was a little older, late forties probably, on the serious side, he didn’t last long enough for me to identify any national information; the new guy is probably English, he has that polite, clueless look that prosperous Englishmen seem to prefer. They have all been unathletic but not fat at all, on the thin side really, and white as sheets. They tower over her like Godzilla towers over Japanese soldiers.

I’ve said hello to her on several occasions, her English is superb and she’s very sociable. Interesting woman, my little neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Fred, here's a clue: She's a call girl.

fred c said...

Sure, she may be a pro. But when she's with the boyfriend, they go swimming often and the relationships last quite a while. In between boyfriends, she swims solo. So I think it's her apartment. And honestly, the character of the interaction is not call-girl/client. Pretty interesting stuff.