Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun And Teaching In Udorn Thani

Udorn Thani is one of the biggest cities in Isan, the huge, dry eastern stepchild of Thailand. On Saturday I taught a class out there.

The nice man in the orange shirt was my student, and my help-mate. He picked me up at the airport on Friday, and drove me back and forth to the class on Saturday, the class was in an adjoining province (Nong Bua Lamphu). Then he picked me up for breakfast on Sunday, a royal feast of all of the good things on the menu of a nice little Vietnamese restaurant. The lad in the photo is his son, a wonderful boy with great English skills, most rare in these parts. They were most kind to me.

It happens that my help-mate is the sub-mayor of Udorn, the number two elected official in this very important city. Mine was a class for the masters' degree in law; he's a lawyer working on a second degree, and the sub-mayor.

The other picture is of me and a very nice young, but not too young, lady who would love to have a Farang boyfriend. Any volunteers?

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