Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Care And Maintenance of Amulets

I had been noticing a fall off in the effectiveness of my good luck charms when I came across some interesting information. I never understand the monk’s instructions because I never took the time to learn all of the details of the Thai language. I’m like the guy who asks you for directions in the subway, and as you tell him where to go his look of intense concentration makes you change your tactics and just say, follow me! (I did that one time. I was also going to “mine” street.)

So I found out that there are lots of rules that need to be followed if you want your amulets to remain totally effective. Fail to follow the rules, and that really expensive “bullet-proof amulet” won’t be working when you take one in the chest. The rules are a little like those found in certain “received” holy books that are popular in the West.

For instance, defecating and urinating simultaneously. That will remove the spell and make the amulet worthless. I had never thought about it, but upon reflection I am sure that I have been guilty of this. One time, in fact, I defecated, urinated, and threw up at the same time, which I believe is almost impossible. I was eight-years-old at the time, and very sick. I’m sure that it was a shocking display, I was certainly impressed. My mother took it well, that was before she adopted the posture of permanent ill-temper.

So I’ll be more careful about the rules. One pays good money for these things, and one wants to get one’s money’s worth.

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