Monday, December 7, 2009

Asians Love Mercedes Benz

These were our two tour buses on the trip to Kanchanaburi, the Felix River Kwai Resort. You will note that they are as identical as two tour buses can be. Owned by two brothers, that's my guess. They are both Scania buses, very new, and very nice. But one brother wanted a distinction for his bus, that's my guess. That's my guess as to why one bus was plastered with the legend "Mercedes Benz."

Asians love Mercedes Benz.


Anonymous said...

Why anyone would want (want being the keyword) to own a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar or, God help you, a Land Rover is beyond my capacity to understand.



fred c said...

Yeah, Mercedes Benz, excuse me but we have to replace a little rubber boot over here, that will be two-thousand, seven hundred dollars.

Ann's German cousin told me one time that BMW's were nice cars, except that at 100 km (sixty-thousand miles) everything broke and you had to get rid of the car.

Myself, I like Hondas.