Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Fred's Poetry Corner: The Hero Demon

Something a little livelier? I've got that too:

The Hero-Demon

Dig Billie, ‘Trane and Maybelle,
Check out my yellow coat,
Made out of goat skin, milk and gin,
My checkered pants, my crazy spark,
Got on my Red and Yellow Leather Boots baby,
Dream Karate-Gangster-Monks,
Faberge fucking Rough Trade, and soon,
Where fashion goes to die, Boss Chanel,
Survive drugs you never heard of,
Focus on the various, juggle Buicks,
Do things you don’t even know about,
Walk through the darkest night, the Night Club,
In a bloody, Buck Knife ally fight,
Challenged eight days a week,
Don’t know how to lose, jack,
Ain’t got beat yet, fucked your gal too,
Winner of the Indy Thought-Speed 500, again,
Jakamo fino, mother fucker
Jakamo fin na’ nay.


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