Friday, November 6, 2009

Major Malfunction At Fort Hood

First, a moment of silence for this new dozen or so martyrs, cut down in their primes, sacrificed at the preferred alters of Twenty-First Century Gods, the alters of delusion and self-gratification. May their souls, and the souls of all of the faithful departed, rest in peace, amen.

But what delusion? What was on this Major’s mind? This psychiatrist’s mind? It was only mildly confusing until I saw the video of the Major at the Seven/Eleven. What is he wearing! He was born and raised in Virginia, for crying out loud! There’s nothing religious about such a display of alien clothing, well, maybe the hat. The whole man-dress outfit though, that’s a powerful expression of cultural hostility if you wear it outside of the occasional neighborhood where everybody is actually from a country where they dress like that. Was the guy trying to pull a “Klinger?” Like the bogus cross-dresser on the TV show, M.A.S.H.? And on top of that, wearing this absurd outfit in Texas, he was somehow surprised that he drew comments?

The inability to separate fantasy from reality is not a crime, although it is a serious detriment to success in earthly endeavors. Many people live happily in a state of total delusion, benign delusion not laced with hatred or fear. These slight behavior problems never become problems for society at large. These days, however, more people seem to want nothing more than to impose their aberrant processes on the world at large, irrevocably and in blood. They feel somehow entitled to have their deepest, darkest dream-wishes given full play in the full light of day, no matter who gets hurt. Humans are essentially solipsistic, always have been, but somehow the Twenty-First Century’s tight cocoon of constant communications has magnified it to a dangerous level.

Major Malfunction, the Virginia boy in his stupid outfit, well today his little private universe overtook a lot of families, right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Somehow he discovered his voice to complain well after completing his free education, crying about a deployment to practice psychiatry in Iraq, which I believe most of the other dog-faces over there would think was infinitely preferable to what they were doing. He got a hair across his ass and somehow felt that this was it, this was his day, this was the day that his personal Twenty-First Century must obtain, that people had to pay.

May God have mercy on us, God and all the Saints, and Angels, and all of the Names of God, and all of the Saints and Angels of all religions, and the Spirit of every animal, and the animating Spirits of every building, tree and rock on Earth, may they all have mercy on us, because we need it

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