Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glenn Beck Condemns Communistic Maoist Volunteerism

Go check it out, I trust you to find it.

Meanwhile, a little perspective. President Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, not only that, but he was the president of the law review, near or at the top of the class. He could have gone to any of the really, really big time law firms where they pay that really, really big time money. But what did he do? He went into public interest law. According to Fred, if you forgo a huge income to work for chump change, there is a “volunteer” component to your job. Maybe Mr. Obama was getting paid, but he was volunteering too, volunteering to lose money every year in order to accomplish something besides selfish financial gain.

So if he says that it is a good thing to volunteer to help people less fortunate than you, he has walked the walk in righteous preparation to talk the talk; he has paid for a license to ask you to consider the idea.

Just for a little contrast here, I recall President George W. Bush, in the floundering, directionless time before 9/11, saying that Americans really needed to volunteer more, needed to work with faith-based community organizations to help the less fortunate (who may otherwise have looked for recourse to government programs, which of course he wanted to do away with all together). I recall, clearly, am I the only one? that W. suggested that every American commit to providing 4,000 hours of volunteer community service over the course of their lifetimes. That’s two years, full time. I remember becoming furious almost to the point of hurting myself that this selfish, chaos-worshiping, greed whore was asking people to do volunteer work to facilitate his cutting of government programs.

Agree with me now, or regret it later, that George W. Bush has never, to this day, done a single day of volunteer work, nor a single hour, has never, in fact, done anything that was not driven by naked self interest. So he had not one little license to ask anyone to do anything that they would not get paid for, he had not lifted one little finger off the table to walk the walk before he so disingenuously talked the talk.

But who gets condemned as a Maoist? A Maoist no less! You can’t make these things up. Glenn Beck, whom people unaccountably watch on TV, the better to hear the wonderful things he makes up, now believes that any attempt to offer Americans the opportunity to use their time to help those less fortunate than themselves must be motivated by a desire to turn America into some kind of Red-Guard-Great-Leap-Forward-Maoist-Little-Red-Book-Communistic-Bullshit-Nightmare, just the kind of thing that Mr. Obama has been preparing for his whole life, the kind of subversion that Mr. Obama has worked so hard for and for so long.

This must be a dream, but I seem to be awake. I am awake, aren’t I? Or is this what happens when you’re in a coma, or after you die. It all seems so real! But it all happens everyday, people say these things, the Glenn Becks of the world, and they are only called to account by the odd, very odd, news personality of little import, or so-called blogger of no import at all, crazy, isolated people like me.

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nanute said...

It's not just you Fred. The problem seems to be that there are so many enablers of Beck, Rush and the like that any criticism is met with a chorus of "you are against free speech". Bullshit! I wrote an opinion piece on a site called nowpublic.com about two weeks ago asking if Rush Limbaugh was a racist or a rube? I hate to admit it, but there are a significant amount of people here in the good ole' USA that have clearly drank the Cool Aide.
If you've got a chance, check this site out. I think you should write some stuff over there. I need some reinforcements. Be warned: Rory is there. lol