Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Unsung Heroes Of Rock And Roll: Hunt And Tony Sales

Let’s hear it for the Sales brothers, Hunt and Tony, one of the best rhythm sections in the history of rock.

Who doesn’t remember Iggy Pop’s original version of “Lust for Life,” from his album of the same name. That was Hunt and Tony on bass and drums, I forget which was which. I’m pretty sure that they were in Tin Machine with David Bowie too. Maybe I should look this stuff up before I write about it.

I do know that they are the sons of the one, the only, the supremely talented comedian, Soupy Sales. They grew up out the island, which is what you called Long Island if you were from New York City. After they started making money as session musicians they were well known for driving their black Ferraris around out there.

Hunt and Tony Sales . . . if they’re not in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, we should just burn it down and start over again.


nanute said...

Yes the Sales brothers did play with Bowie in Tin Machine. Most of the bio stuff I looked up says they grew up in Detroit. Being a "Islander", I prefer your take.
Hunter Sales played in Bob Welch's band Paris which disbanded after the second album, partially as a result of Hunt's contracting Bells Pallsy.
Tony Sales first group was Tony and The Tigers, (how original), included John Pousette Dart,of The Pousette Dart Band fame. a car accident in 79' left Tony in a coma for 8 months. According to reports, Tony was quoted as saying that of all the people he knew and had played with, Bowie was the only one that came to see him in the hospital. Back to you Fred.

Anonymous said...

Hey-you left out the great, the wonderful, the fabulous group "Creation" whose hit "Makin' Time" actually was heard in the movie "Rushmore" and which video can be seen on youtube (if you have a high-speed connection.

A certain basement in College Point, NY in about 1966 was the first and, until recently, last time I had heard this masterpiece. Turns out, as I saw on youtube, the guitar break is played with a cello bow, ala Jimmy Page, before Page did it. Check it out if you can!

fred c said...

The unsung heros list is very long. My favorite is Ian Stewart, without whom there would have been no Rolling Stones. More soon.

Pedro Petracco said...

Hi, Fred! They played in the first two Todd Rundgren albums too: "Runt" and "Runt - The Ballad of Todd Rundgren". Also on one of the tracks of the D side of "Something/Anything?" and some tracks in Iggy Pop + James Williamson's "Kill City". Cheers!