Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Power Of Signage In Thailand

Thinking about the “No Grilled Cuttlefish” sign, below, reminded me of a bus ride I took a few years ago. I was coming back from somewhere way out in the woods. Clearly visible in the front of the bus was a sign that said:

No Durian
No Gai Yang
No Luk Chin

The sign was in Thai, remember, this was out in the woods. Gai Yang is grilled chicken; luk chin are little pork meatballs. Grilled chicken is pretty innocuous, but the luk chin come drenched in chilli sauce and can get pretty messy and smelly.

Punch line: the bus hostess, that’s what I call them, they take the tickets and answer questions and so forth, she’s sitting right under the sign with a huge bag of luk chin, casually munching away.

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