Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mr. Fred's Poetry Corner: Let Us Pray

Almighty God, We Pray

Almighty God, please save us from the beautiful,
With their terrible certainty,
And their feeling of entitlement,
Bless them with self-awareness Lord,
That they may more graciously bear Your gift.

God, our Father, in your wisdom and mercy,
Please save us from the smart people,
Shield us from their condescension, the constant,
Condemning glances, let me just once
Put salt on my eggs without some genius
Scoring another silent point for himself
And condemning me to stupidity,
Silently predicting my early death.

Oh! Sum Of All Mysteries! Find a way to help us,
Hear our prayers! Our need is great! Please!
Stay not Your hand! Do something to save us from the rich!
They breathe up all the air, eat all the food,
And generally give You all the credit for their success,
Our babies die, we fight their wars, we struggle so,
Our hour of need! Save us Lord, from the rich.

Almighty God, our special prayer,
Protect us from Thy favorites, the good,
We love them too, complaining but a little
Of their demands on our behavior,
Their very existence shames us, and ours them,
By our goodness.

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