Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr. Fred’s Computer Adventure

You-Tube told me, on a banner, that my current web browser would not be supported by them in the near future, or something to that effect. So, being in many ways that are not political quite conservative, I chose to go for Internet Explorer Eight, I’m pretty sure that was it, the words on the button, that is, because I was running Internet Explorer Seven already, I’m pretty sure, so I thought it might be the easiest way to go. The Microsoft website was very attractive, blue mostly, and I hit some buttons before I realized that it was telling me that I needed a CD or something, I’m not very good at any of this. Overextended, I retreated to seek greener pastures.

I went back to the You-Tube and tried the Google Chrome button, that went much better. The download was smooth, which is a wonderful metaphor for happiness in old age. It was suggested that I should also download a new Adobe Flash Player. The New York Times website has been telling me that for weeks now, but somehow I trust Google, I don’t know why, there’s something about them I like, maybe it’s the holiday logos. That went well too.

I restarted the computer out of habit, maybe that’s an old fashioned concept upon downloading new software, Google certainly didn’t tell me that it was important. Now I’m about to go and explore my new Google internet experience. Wish me luck.

P.S. Everything is still on Internet Explorer. Do I need to change another setting somewhere? A preference? Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Google cares about you in the same way that pharmaceutical companies do. Remain vigilant.

That aside, they have an awesome search engine at work & that's what they’re good at, but that's just about it. Google chrome & Internet explorer are bullshit incarnate. Please stay away from them.

As an internet user (you) it behooves you to switch to FIREFOX. It's a far more stable animal, as user friendly as any other program (/wrists), easy to install, will apply all your internet settings upon installation when you do (yes, even from internet explorer), and, most importantly, is supported by every single website created under God.

My favorite feature is the “private browsing” feature. Turn that bitch on & Firefox will refuse to “save” any information off the web to your computer either voluntarily or other. In other words, no history of your internet experience will be recorded, saved, or documented on your machine while this feature is active.

This is especially handy when navigating to sites that have the potential to fuck with your computer, porn sites, hack sites, anything that could have malicious intent.

Heres the link to download it

Don’t be scared! DO IT!!!

email me if you have questions

nanute said...

I appreciated the tip on private browsing. However, it wasn't automatically installed when I downloaded Firefox.I had to install it as an add on.

fred c said...

Nanute, meet Jorge; Jorge, meet Nanute. Two nice guys from very different backgrounds. I'm glad to know you both.

nanute said...

Fred: Thanks so much. You are a kind soul. Jorge: pleased to meet you. If Fred has vouched for you, I'm convinced!
I have a problem with Firefox. When I go to bookmark a new site, I click bookmark this page, and I get a dialogue box that says: Delete This Page. I can't seem to change the box to: Add this page. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I am much dumber than Fred, and not afraid to admit it.

fred c said...

Nanute, you want to start a dumb contest and this shit could get ugly. I got dumb in spades.

I downloaded the Firefox and I'll give it a go. It's on the box now, the icon shows. I promise to try my best.

Nanaute said...

That's what I like most about you. Your humility and self deprecation is quite commendable. (Is deprecation proper usage, professor?)
On the other hand: let the games begin.

I just switched to Firefox after many years of frustration with Explorer. I like it so far, with the exception that I noted before. The strange thing is that recent bookmarks show up in a category called, wait for it, recently bookmarked. For some reason I can't get these on the main list of all my bookmarks. Where the f'ck is Jorge?

Nanute said...

After my earlier post, I went back to my Bookmarks, and lo and behold, the latest entries were in fact added to the list. Not in alphabetical order, as are all the others. At the very bottom of the list there were my latest additions. I am such a rube!