Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Professor Gates Arrested! Alert The Media!

This is nothing new. Certainly nothing new to our minority brothers and sisters, and nothing new to any of us White Devils who've been paying attention.

Please word search "probable cause" in the search box above for an old post of that name. It's the heartwarming story of my friend J.W.'s encounter with the Beverly Hills Police Department in about 1981.


Anonymous said...

Thursday is "Have A Beer With A Cop Who Arrested You Day!" If you haven't been arrested, just wait, there's still the weekend.

Anonymous said...

The "New" factor is Barrack. He is going to be on the short list of most influential and great presidents ever to grace the public stage. Six months in and he's already proven to be exponentially superior to that hooligan frat bandit "W" and his devil worshiping pal "C". These people should be talking about the "Light at the end of the tunnel" in their campfire chats. The Republican party will never recover from this, unless it manages to do what it's fate [faith] has set out for it to do, destroy us all! Alternate universe monster movies presents!, "The Political Party that destroyed the entire WORLD"! in HD now!

Hare ONE

fred c said...

Let's just hope that the 21st Century includes something positive, some modicum of progress, in addition to the digital nightmare and the other horrible impositions that it has imposed on us.

Anonymous said...

Just proves racism is alive and well in the 21st Century, and it even seems to be more blatant now that a black guy is president. It's not even subtle anymore. Sorry I can't share your optimism, Fred. We are not in a post-racial era. Look for the next President to be a white as snow Rush Limbo/Glenn Beck clone.


fred c said...

Ed, I make a huge effort to be slightly optimistic, and believe me, it's not easy.

Life still sucks, and we still die, but things really are a little better than they were a few hundred years ago.

So there's room for a LITTLE optimism. Not about American politics,though, you're exactly right about that shit.

Anonymous said...

If you want to feel sane, read this sick bastard's blog: (He shot 3 women to death yesterday in PA)