Monday, July 13, 2009

The Longan Problem

I found out today that all of the rain this year has resulted in a wild surplusage of certain fruits. Longans are one of them. In a typical year, longans, "lam-yai," sell for twenty Baht a kilo, but this year it can be as low as seven Baht, or less if the place is really full of them.

That's why no one wanted to bother harvesting Khun Aemon's fruit. (See below.) After they pay the help, there's no money in it.

It's that climate change thing, that's my guess. This year in Thailand has been cooler overall with more rain. The field farmers don't seem to mind, the rice is fine, but some of the fruit growers are having a hard time.

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Vince said...

Global Warming has seemed to morph into "Climate Change." It seems that there have been record rains and cool temperatures. Maybe Al Gore running around the world in that private jet is having a positive affect on the atmosphere.