Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glenn Beck Explains It All For You

Hit this link, but wait a half hour after eating. It's America's new best friend, Glenn Beck, explaining to us that if he can do it, make multi-millions of dollars a year with no talent, no education, dumb as a wall and ugly to boot, then we can do it too.


Beck tells us that he never went to college, no one in his family ever went to college, and yet, he can make millions of dollars. So taxing the rich is anti-American, because you can do it too!
And that, after all, is why we should not tax the rich.

The rich being people who make a million dollars or more per year. Not millionaires, shit, I'm almost a millionaire thanks to my house (at least I was before the recent debacle), not people with a net worth of a million dollars. People who make more than a million dollars a year, their net worth is many millions, unless they spend like drunken sailors (more reason to tax it away from them before they hurt themselves).

Asking someone who makes more than a million new dollars every year to pay an extra couple of percent in taxes will not make them all give up and get jobs at McDonald's, whatever these dipshits say. They'll still work as hard as ever to get rich, maybe harder to make back the chump-change they pay in taxes, and that's a good thing, society needs these pushy bastards. We need them, we need their organizational skills and their energy, and we need some of their money, to help the non-pushy bastards at the other end of the demographic. And maybe even some of us semi-pushy bastards in the middle.

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