Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chet Baker, American Idol

Chet Baker’s version of “My Funny Valentine” is an icon of American musical culture. How would he have fared on American Idol?

Randy: Wow, dog, does Richard Rogers know what you’re doing with his song? His people are probably calling your people right now, you might be in trouble. I was having a good time man, but you’re bumming me out.

Paula: I see that you love that song, but I don’t think it was a good choice for you. I’m not sure what a good song choice for you would be. You had trouble with the notes, I’m not sure that you could hear the band, you were all over the place. I’m pretty sure that singing is not what you should be doing.

Simon: I thought that I had heard everything. Let me ask you: do you know what we’re doing here? That was horrible, just horrible. I apologize to anyone who is still watching. Now please give us back our show.

Check out the matinee idol Chet Baker here:


Anonymous said...

Chet is way to sad for me today . . . "Bird" has been on TV also . . . I can only watch little bits at a time.

My new favorite punk band.


fred c said...

Chet could sing with feeling, that's for sure. Ornette Coleman, I pretty sure that it was, said that it was funny how someone with such a terrible voice, couldn't sing at all, could just make you cry like a baby.

Better, some think, as a horn player. It's hard to get such a gentle, mournful tone from a trumpet. Good content too.

Got a tear in it either way.

fred c said...

I like the new band. I could hang with that.