Sunday, July 5, 2009

Asian Vodka Review: Jupiter

I came across a new vodka distilled in Vietnam, so of course I had to try it.

Jupiter brand, complete with a logo of Papa Jup, seated on a nice backless, scrolled Roman throne, with a substantial lightning bolt in his right hand. Very professional packaging, "Triple Distilled."

It's decent. Made from rice, I think, it's got a little rice taste to it. Not as good as the Thai brand, "Uncle Tom," which is also made from rice and even brags about it on the premium brand of the product (seven dollars a bottle instead of six). The Uncle Tom is very neutral, like no taste at all, which is as it should be. Technically, I'm not sure it's still vodka if it's made from rice. The Uncle Tom is careful on this point, they just call it "Thai White Spirits," and put only a big "V" on the label, with the word vodka nowhere to be seen. (They also market "G" and "R" versions of white whiskey, I've never tried the gin one, the rum is horrible.)

The Jupiter proudly proclaims itself "Vodka." It's decent, but with a ways to go. The Gilby's made locally in the Philippines is much better, as is the Contessa made in India. The Jupiter is ok, though, no perfumey smell like the cheap vodka in America.

Just for your information.


Anonymous said...

Why would Irish guys drink vodka? Does it have anything to do with potatoes. Get it? PotatoEs? If you don't get it, that's Oakie Doakie

fred c said...

I drink vodka because it's good for you, not like that oily, horrible whiskey. Vodka is pure, and my body is a temple!

And yes, I love the Dan Quale reference. Now he and W have the same function in life: to make George Herbert Walker Bush look good!

I know a guy from Indiana, by the way, who had a date with Marilyn Quale in high school. He said she was nice enough, but too ambitious. He was too kind to mention the horse face.