Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Is People Fascinated?

With Jon and Kate Something-Or-Other, that is. I do catch Larry King Live! sometimes, and today he posed this slightly odd question. Evidently there is a TV show in America, and lots of kids are involved.

I say kids, some years ago I was at court and I met a guy I went to law school with, he told me that he’d been married for many years. Any kids? I innocently asked him. He became indignant. Kids, he explained to me, were baby goats, and although he had two children, he had no kids. I thought, is he calling my kids baby goats?

So, Jon and Kate, evidently they have lots of kids and are “fascinating.” See what I’m missing, being so far away from all of the cultural hubbub? Don’t feel sorry for me, think more about all of the crap that you are being subjected to on a daily basis that I am being spared.

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Surely I could go upstairs and find me some a dis

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