Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty Cool Crocodile Farm

I went to the local Crocodile Farm last week. Didn't get to the restaurant to sample the croc' dishes, maybe next time. The gift shops were great, tons of crocodile handbags, wallets, shoes, keychains, briefcases, very little of that "endangered species" stuff over here.

Another big difference: in America, one is constantly surrounded by signs that say, "Do Not Feed The Animals;" over here, feeding the animals is encouraged. It's a profit center, they'll sell you the food. This place had lots of animals, monkeys, some tigers, a few hippo's. There was no feeding the tigers, but the rest were fair game. The monkeys would practically talk to you, holding out their hands and making like gimme-gimme.

This hippo pic has no telephoto, and I was standing back owing to my natural caution. Had I been so disposed, I could have touched one of the tusks. "Feeding the hippo's" indeed.

Somehow they drew the line at feeding the tigers, though. A sign over there said, "The tigers love small children, but unfortunately small children give them indigestion, so don't let your children get too close."


Anonymous said...
Happy Faddas Day Pops.

fred c said...

The world can seem like such a dark, dreary place, what with all the random negativity and all, but then, suddenly, there are flashes of wonderful light and color! Freakbeat indeed. 1970? I'm not surprised. This is the sound in my head!