Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thunder And Lightning Are Fun!

This happens sometimes around here. Right in the middle of a good thunder storm someone decides to go in the pool, on the fifth floor and fully exposed to the elements. Usually a solitary man, not much fun other than the possible first row view of an electrocution.

Today, another daredevil, much more fun to watch, a young mother, with her twenty-or-so-month-old son in tow. A beautiful young mother, in a very non-Thai bikini, nothing modest about it, scientifically designed to ride way up in her crack. Nice boy too, a little reticent at first but he got into it. Frolicking amongst the flashes, in the pouring rain, oblivious to the danger.

This is the tropics, don’t forget, and our thunderstorms mean business. Huge, ripping, barn-burning, booming crashes of thunder. Evidently, there are lots of Thais that never got the memo. Why not hold a golf club up in the air while you’re at it?

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