Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thailand Is A Well Ordered Society

Over here you buy a movie ticket for a specific seat. They expect you to sit in that seat, even if there’s only four people in the theatre and you find out that your seat is too close to the screen. If you take a leak at a mall, you may be comforted to know precisely which urinal you are employing, as they are all numbered.

A while ago I made a casual mention of the early onset of the rainy season. I put it in terms of the monsoon, “the Southern monsoon started early this year.” “No,” said my school colleague, “this is only storms.” How could it be the monsoon? The Southern monsoon doesn’t start until late-June or July, please, a little order.

This instant I’m watching a CNN story about this year’s early onset of the Southern monsoon. The world is less orderly than Thailand would prefer.

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