Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Most Successful Post

This one from almost a year ago: "MyFamily.com "Memories of College Point.""

Amazingly, this post still generates comments.

I should write more about the old homestead. Hey, Homies, how about comparing notes about the greatest fights we saw in College Point?

My first nomination is Lenny Deniker v. Rickie Ioli at a Summer dance at PS 27, outdoors, about 1961. Not a long fight, that one, and unusual for the great number of solid punches landed (all by Lenny).


Anonymous said...

They're still talking and writing about the Holocaust, too. Still, if you got out of CP alive and relatively unscarred, consider yourself a winner. It did many people in, some without a punch being thrown. Others were left standing, but with that freakshow permanently burned into their brains. A festering tumor on the psyche.

fred c said...

College Point was a very powerful place to grow up. We were all subjected to powerful forces.

Compression; competition; temptation. One fewer cocktails and I could think of more.

I did fine, and I still do, six decades later. I run complaints like Niagra runs water, but in spite of it all I have always understood that I have been very lucky, and I am grateful.