Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr. Fred's Poetry Corner: A New Suit

Remember, I don't go out of my way to torture you with Poetry. But I like this one:

A New Suit

Measure me for a suit that stitches up the back,
Use one of my ties, not some horrible thing
That attaches with a clip, a travesty, fooling no one,
Don’t forget my glasses, part of me,
I couldn’t see shit without them, even close,
Easy on the pretty flowers, I was allergic,
Pray if you must, but keep it to yourself,
Too much and I may start rotating counterclockwise,
I would have liked to think that someone would cry,
But probably there’s more relief than grief,
Enjoy the after-party, it’s the Irish way.

May, 2009


Anonymous said...

I Had just hit some nothern lights in the car. The theater was some shitty little deal by Fairfax & Beverly that hosted 2 dollar matinees. Was fine until i walked in & saw the tranny working the popcorn buckets. She (he?) had a mustache, long curly hair & had just skull fucked my whole reference to the world. I was peaking at this point. When i saw that the theater was completely empty i just about shit myself with panic. As i was about to die i coughed up my last bit of defiance & scored my death poem.

The movie didn't make things any better, "What dreams may come." I still resent that flick to this day.


Anonymous said...
found this in the comments, "listen to Cobra
SA (samurai attack)
Last target
Laughin Nose", in the comments to this I should say, ""
I don't have anything against EMO really. As long as it's not Americans doing it.

Vince said...

Sorry, I will not only pray for you then, I pray for you every day. So take that!

fred c said...

So I went to IMDB to find out about "What Dreams May Come," and lots of people like it, but I'm with you Jorge, the whole concept makes me uncomfortable.

What happens after you're dead? It's a little bit like a black cat in a coal bin at midnight, except much more quiet.

Thanks for the heads-up about Spooky! I love that shit, and the "related videos" will brighten my life too.

And Vin, I don't really mind at all if other people pray. In fact, I rather like it when other people pray for me. I wouldn't be surprised if it did me some good!