Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 912 Project: Treason In A Psych Ward

There’s this guy, Glenn Beck, maybe you’ve heard of him, and he has this new thing, The 9/12 Project, with which he humbly offers to assist Real Americans in taking back our great country from those who would take it from us. Evidently the country has suddenly become infested with elected officials who are trampling on the great principles and values of our beloved Founding Fathers.

There is a big problem in his approach. Mr. Beck and his ilk have for the last eight years blindly supported a fascist clique that really did want to take our great country away from us and give it to the underlying corporate reality by actively destroying our Constitutional rights and reducing our hard won freedoms and by stealing our money and property and the money and property of our children. Now all of a sudden these New Patriots of Glenn Limbo Beckistan de la Hannityville expect us to believe that our new president and our newly Democratic congress are the real enemies, and that if we would only join together in opposing everything that this newly elected American government tries to do we can return America to some imagined greatness that is now lost to us.

Remember, those previous beloved geniuses are the ones that allowed insurance companies to go into the banking business, and allowed banks to go into the insurance business. We know how that worked out, and it was obviously a stupid idea to begin with, what were they thinking? That was about 2000. That little bit of legislation was the single most irresponsible act of government since Hitler invaded Russia. But now a chorus of TV stars want us to believe that it’s the new guys that are ruining everything.

Mr. Beck, along with other great patriots like Mr. Limbo, and Mr. O’Reilly, and Mr. “Torture is a Christian Virtue” Hannity, want us to “take America back!”

Lots of people are listening to this unmitigated bullshit. Messrs Limbo and O’Reilly have huge fan followings, and Mr. Beck is rapidly catching up with their popularity. The comments posted on the 912 Project website are terrifying in their stupidity. It is a real danger to our shared future that so many people can be swayed by such unsupported piffle.

I’m talking to myself here, I know it. I have no readership to speak of, and what readership I have probably doesn’t need me to explain the danger of these things. But lets remember, what these men are selling is advertising on their networks, and they are getting very rich doing it. In the process, they are also selling treason, and in very direct language too. Their anti-everything rhetoric is sedition, plain and simple. They should be prosecuted under the Patriot Act that they love so much, and it wouldn’t be that hard either. I hate to tell you, but post-Patriot Act it’s, “Viginia, there ain’t no probable cause.” These guys go around talking about “cells” of patriots “surrounding” those who would take our country away from us, and they like the idea of the “cells” arming themselves for a battle to take America back. As their champion, Chuck Norris, says, they are espousing “Black Belt Patriotism,” and quoting that guy who said something like, “there comes a time, you know, when tyranny must be sent packing . . .” They’re talking about the tyranny of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, that’s what has them so afraid for the future of America. It should be a joke but it is only monumentally sad.

And the thing to remember is that none of them believe in the truth of a word that they are saying. This is an act, for money, they are the same as the Flying Walendas, they discovered a talent in themselves and they are exploiting it for money. For mere money they are cheerfully sowing the seeds of hatred and treason, with no actual interest in the outcome, beyond of course a life of luxury and a lavish retirement plan for themselves, in which they have a powerful sense of entitlement.

Let’s see where this thing goes.


Anonymous said...

Ah you're back like the lion in winter!
Don't worry about these guys, Fred. They are buffoons, and not very well-liked buffoons at that. They are talking to the die-hard 22 percent Repub base (like RC) who still think Bush did a swell job... but who LOST everything due to the great ideas they keep espousing. We need to encourage them to KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB! Keep spouting that shit, guys! How's that working for yah?
They will fuckin guarantee Obama goes 8 years and Biden another 8 after him! Whee! Good job, Repugs! Bravo.

Rory Cripps said...

ED: Cut the crap! I'm not a fan of any of those that Fred mentioned and you know it. You just want to stir up some shit as usual. You, as well as Fred, also know that I'm not a big fan of the Republican Party either! I especially don't like the garbage that I hear from the mouthes of those particular talk-show hosts regarding Obama. Michael Medved (the former movie critic) is the worst. I knew it was coming and I cringe every time I hear it! El Presidente Jorge Bush was in office for eight years when much of the financial mess was festereing. Obama had nothing to do with it, but the idealogues (such as yourself) need to blame somebody because they can't help themselves. Obama happens to be it and now the talk-show hosts can blab about him just like they did about Clinton. Indeed, Obama is great for the talk-radio industry! If McCain was elected, Beck's ratings would go down. I've got to disagree with you Fred: I think that they believe everything thing that they say--just like Ed.

Rory Cripps said...

FRED: A form of clarification here (for your benefit and mine) that will, hopefully, not be lost on Ed .... Just because one (such as myself) listens to Talk-Radio and has a "favorite" host does not mean that one agrees all the time (or even at all) with the thoughts, assertions, and contentions of the host. And just because one is a registered member of a particular political party does not mean that one agrees all the time (or even at all) with the thoughts, assertions, and contentions of that particular political party. I'd like to believe that we've all matured (and have gotten alot smarter too) throughout the years and have, therefore, evolved to the point where we can throw out ideology and adherence to dogma and myth. Guys: Believe me! I share your negative BUSH and "REPUG" sentiments! PS ED: Along with my other titles, I am a mechanical engineer and, therefore, I know how to make the pendulum swing. Indeed, I've got enough smarts and years of practical experience that I can, literally, build (or destroy) any mechanical object, or erection, that I focus my mind on building (or destroying). Apparently, and at this point in time, your desire is to have the pendulum swing over to the three-o'clock side and stay there. I think that we and our kids will be better off if the pendulum stayed in the middle at twelve-noon ....

fred c said...

I listen to a lot of stuff that I don't agree with. Sometimes to see what I'm up against; sometimes because they make a lot of sense in their own way; and sometimes just to laugh at them.

And although I'm a Democrat (I suppose), God knows I don't agree with them all the time either.

Re: a lot of what is going on now: if you want to employ the mechanical advantage of a ramp, you should ask an engineer for assistance (an economist), not an interior decorator (a politician).

Anonymous said...

Good thing Fred spares your virgin eyes from my more vitriolic comments, Rory. HA. Guess he knows how delicate your sensibilities are. Aw, poor baby.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Fred, Sorry I have been away to,MY son just came back from vacation in Iraq! You know he is in that Army collge.This guy Rory seems like a real College Point man! He's ready to take a trip out there to visit E. S. This is good stuff. You won't see this on the CP web site. Ed, after your death, please leave me some of your kid books. OH, I don't mean that you might meet up with Rory, (my money is on the big guy here)I just mean I will live alot longer because I was the best at hide go seek growing up in da Point! The BB could never find me!But It does look like Rory is kind of pissed at ya buddy! Good Luck,Your Pal Joe D.