Monday, January 12, 2009

Poor Harry, Redux

I discovered today that after a few years of lieutenanting in the English army, in harms way, Harry is moving on to a five year gig as an ocean rescue helicopter pilot.

I’m telling you, if this is what the guy wants to do with his time, help lots of people, do hard jobs for his country, instead of just sitting around drinking cocktails and getting laid like, well, like a handsome young royal, well then he can call me any god-damned thing he wants, hell, he can call me a Paki if he wants to, he can call me an Ami, he can call me a lazy-minded-underachiever, he can call me a blotchy-paunchy-bald old man, he can call me an Irish-American blighter, I don’t even care if he calls me a tattooed-fuck-up.

The boy is working hard, and getting good results. Leave him alone.

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