Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Obama Style

Lots of talk these days about bipartisanship and optimism, but I flatter myself to think that I understand what is really going on.

Macro or micro, life is life. It is never a good idea to throw over the table and start a knife fight just because you happened to catch someone cheating at cards. Much better, I believe, to simply reach under the table, press the tip of your knife against the femoral artery of the cheater, and say with a smile, “I think we should take a re-deal on this mess, and let the pot ride.”

A certain diabolical political faction in our country likes to play rough, but nobody likes to get cut. Better for Obama to keep every word of the public intercourse sweet and light, and keep the unleashing of holy hell and horrific recriminations sub rosa.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I think Mr. Obama knows a thing or two about dealing with cheaters, liars and crooks. To borrow a word from Malcom X, I think we are going to see the president elect using some "tricknology" on the oppostion. I hope he can pull it off!

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a term to describe the level of passive aggression I think we may both be categorized by...

Also working on a party for when you're here in March so I'll need dates and names of "those that need grace us with their face-us".

Surely you'd like to talk to ol' Don Wood about his political career.

Maybe Scholnick? I remember liking him.

You could lament with your old band-mates... what was the band again? "Love Hate Connection"?

Love yah. Can't wait. Prepare yourself though. Some people aren't as blunt as they may seem. You might be familiar with this by now... it is a result of your reactionary nature. PROACTIVE. That's my new years resolution... but it doesn't fit with the one I had a few years back, "FUCK NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS". That one is really nice. Almost serene in all it's ignorance.

Holler-days bliss almost gone? Not if "Them that be marketing shit to rooting pigs" has anything to say about it. It's time to gear up for Valentines Day! Hoot.

I'm relaxed. Really. Watch.

I even don't have any hard feelings for them SMC people that put in a giant new quad fully equipped with full grown palm trees and a waterfall. Even though their website is still a series of ones and zeros.

I'm relaxed. I have 37 transferable units completed and I'm 31. How does that math suit you old man.

I just watched the Tommy Chong doc. Y'know he's half Irish? Not counting the half of that that's German.

Yah. Full swing and almost spring. Let's rock.

Happy New Year.


fred c said...

Donald Wood's political career, well saints preserve us. Nothing would surprise me about Donald though. Lots of horsepower there, always was. If he ever gets it all on the ground he'll go wherever he wants.