Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Apology To The Strokes

Long ago I spent six or eight years in the record-and-tape business. I was exposed to a lot of hype, it was the age of hype, the virtual laboratory of hype. I became, I’m afraid, somewhat cynical.

So when the Strokes were new, my reaction was much like that of Keith Richards to Nirvana: oh, young guys? long hair? yeah, I know about that.

Well, more than a couple of years after stealing four Strokes songs from the old Napster, I think that they are the cat’s pajamas. First opportunity I get, I’m going to buy some Strokes product.



Anonymous said...

We should go see them live. Somewhere with stadium seating so you can pretend it's a movie. I know you like movies enough for this to be sufficiently soothing. OC.

fred c said...

Glad to hear that they're still up and running. Music is the hardest business in the world.