Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Told You So

As the value of our house shot up in the last ten years I thought about those people, you know who I mean, and I got worried. They are so desperate for our money, all of our money, it must kill them thinking of all this home equity laying around, not helping them in the least. Teams of hirelings, I was sure, were working day and night on the problem. How to steal middle-America's home equity.

And people call me negative. What could be more positive than worrying about my biggest investment?

Seen what's been going on with the value of the dollar? Guess what it means for your home equity?

Here in Thailand, three years ago you got a nice bowl of noodle soup for the equivalent of fifty cents. Now it is the equivalent of one dollar. And so on down the line.

So your money, wherever it is, is losing value and that my brothers and sisters is the same as losing dollars. This weakening of the dollar was one of the great plans of those geniuses at the Bush White House. Supposedly to "help raise exports." I read some Asian media, and those guys are worried that a big "dollar dump" is right around the corner. What images accompany the phrase, "bottom falling out."

You economists out there can fill in the blanks. This weak dollar is good for some aspects of business, and that's where the wealth transfer will take place. It's a tough job being negative, but somebody has to do it.

Good luck with that retirement plan.

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